Dessert challenge

Dessert challenge

This is something I’ve been preparing for almost a month. I am a big fan of desserts, so over the past years I’ve been thinking about the lack of dessert challenges on web. Maybe, I couldn’t find them online, but believe me I’ve been looking. I don’t know how familiar you are with reading challenges. I heard about reading challenge 5 years ago and I was instantly hooked.

What is reading challenge and how it is connected to desserts?

What it is about? It’s about a challenge where you need to read certain amount of books in one year. But, there are lots of tasks inside the challenge, so it wouldn’t be boring. It isn’t the goal just to read 24 books in a year, yet to complete 24 interesting tasks related to books. For example, you will need to read a book who’s author has the same name as you, the book from other continent or the book you started reading but you haven’t finished.

When I’ve done my fun reading challenge, I wondered, why there is no online cooking challenge? Specifically, why there is no online dessert challenge? I would like to have some fun prompts and tasks to solve. What I like about these challenges is the imagination and creativity behind it, and after that, how my brain starts to think about every prompt (“What should I do for this prompt?”).

So, I decided to create my own dessert challenge. I looked for ides on web, in books, on Instagram and I present you my dessert challenge with 104 prompts.  It is not the point of this challenge that you have to make all of the desserts. I made up different levels, for different level and knowledge of making desserts. Not everybody wants to make dessert every week or has the knowledge to make some of them. Starting with myself, I don’t know every tip or trick in dessert world. This is one of the reasons why I made this challenge. So we can learn from each other.

Levels and goals of this challenge

I made 4 levels for this challenge: beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced. They seem a little bit dry, but wait till you see the names I gave them.

The goal of this challenge isn’t competitive, but if you want it, you can share it with some friends who like making desserts and you can have your own bake off. The main goal is to have fun, to communicate, to laugh and share (advice, questions, success and a little less success). And if it’s possible, the goal is to find some peace and relaxation after an unpleasant past year. Like some sort of dessert therapy.

Pudding level

Also know as the beginner level. It contains 12 prompts. One for each month in a year. Obviously, you don’t have to make one dessert per month. You can make them in a day, in a week, or in a month. However you like it. The point of this level is to introduce you to dessert world and that you can see it isn’t scary at all.

Pudding level-dessert challenge

Download PDF

Pancake level

This is for advanced beginners. This level contains all of the pudding prompts and 12 more. 2 desserts per month. As I said, there are no strict rules that you need to make 2 desserts every month. One month you can make three, one month none.

Pancake level-dessert challenge

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Muffin level

From this level my idea started. 52 desserts, one for every week. This is the level I will try to finish. This level contains all the pancake level prompts, plus 28 more.

Muffin level-dessert challenge

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Cake level

This is the last level, advanced level. It has all of the muffin level prompts plus 52 more. In total, 104 dessert prompts. I strive to complete this level, but I am not focused on that. If I succeed great, but If not, I have 52 prompts for the next year. In pdf you will have both pictures from muffin level and cake level, but if you are saving pictures, you need to save picture from muffin and picture from cake level.

Cake levle-dessert challenge

Download PDF

All levels

If you like to have all levels, you can download PDF beneath. You can choose prompts which you like, based on your current mood or by any criterion you want. I am looking forward to try new desserts, to communicate with you guys and to learn new things. If you like to share some of your desserts, have some questions or need some dessert ideas, you can contact me on my Instagram or via sweetparadiso5@gmail.com

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